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How We Works?

The way in which we complete our work is a multidisciplinary and organized approach for developing business applications to meet your client's current and emerging needs.

Contact & gather requirements

The first phase of the entire work process. We contact our clients and listen to them and try to gather as many requirements as possible.

Requirements analysis & planning

In this phase, we analyze the requirements which were gathered from our client and make an entire work plan based on the requirements.

Agreement & prepare workflow

We share the work plan and sign an agreement and take an initial 30% payment and prepare workflow and share it with the client again.

Project design & development

The most important and challenging phase of the work process. In this phase, our team makes the design and development of the project.

Collect feedback, review, & testing

This is the most exciting phase for us. We share the progress and receive their feedback and review the feedback and test the project.

Deliver, deployment & maintenance

The final phase of the entire work process. We deliver the ready project, deploy the project for them and keep maintaining the project.