All you need to know for creating your business website

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Nowadays a website is the most important asset for any business. In order to represent your business to the online world, a website is the best option.  Does your business have a website? There’s no avoiding it – every business, be it young or old, needs one. Even if you’re not planning on selling your products or services online, it’s important to have a web presence in order to legitimize your offerings. From contact information to customer reviews and support, websites are the new face of business.

This resource compiles some information you need to create a website for your business.


Why Does Your Business Need a Website?

Here are some resources that may help you to know why you need a website for your business.


Website Design & Set Up

Here are some resource which can help you to get website design and set up for your business website.

Web Graphics

These resources will give you access to the graphics you may need for your website


Coding & Programming

The programming languages which can you to develop your website

Web Hosting & Domains

All the things you may need to know domain and hosting to host your website

Website Accessibility, Testing & Management

The resources that can help you to know about website accessibility, testing and management