Web 2.0 Vs Web 3.0 – Which one you choose?

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With the passing of years, we have been experiencing different innovations and stages of the internet. As we look into history, the first ever stage of the internet is Web 1.0. It was the era of read-only web and static websites. The main objective of Web 1.0 was to publish data for people that are present anywhere in the world. However, the websites at that stage were read-only and not interactive, which raised the requirement for a change. The second stage of the internet was called Web 2.0. It was the stage of the read-write web with interactive websites and social media applications. However, here the problem is that there is no security of users’ personal information. The users have to provide their data to third-party organizations to gain access to the product, which raises the requirement for another stage.

Entering the next stage of the internet Web 3.0, what all features are present for you? Web 3.0 is the third generation of the web that facilitates peer-to-peer interactions with users. The users can communicate with the blockchain without relying on a centralized server. The technology stack of Web 3.0 comprises artificial intelligence, decentralized protocols, and machine learning. The main objective of Web 3.0 was to empower the user by providing ownership of their information. It also removed censorship as no third-party application can block a user from utilizing its services.